I love all things Beautiful…and like you, haunted online websites featuring beautiful home decor designs and stunning wreaths. I am pretty creative and designing is my hidden talent, but I never thought I was "crafty" or that I could make a lovely handmade item for my home. I decided to make a wreath for my front door and fell instantly in love with the designing phase, the joy of watching my vision come to life, and most importantly the therapeutic benefits in honing my artistry. 

I also have a deep passion for skincare and have been fortunate to have success with my lovely boutique day spa for many years. Personal services took a strange turn in 2020, which was devastating for me. My takeaway from 2020 is that I never want anyone to tell me I'm Non-Essential and that my secret designing passion has to wait. Life is short and I am going to do what brings me JOY in this world.

I jumped into this new "artisan" world with my whole heart, opened up my social media pages and website to embrace this new journeyI am humbled by my customers feedback and continued support of my small artisan business. As a budding artist, I strive to push my talent by making unique one-of-a-kind home decor designs.

Flower Fairy Wreath.JPG